The Kalahari Kid Corporation is dedicated to producing only superior quality goat and lamb products for both the local and international markets. It is a joint initiative between commercial promotors, the Northern Cape Provincial Government and emerging farmers in the Northern Cape.

We aim to create sustainable jobs and improve the income of emerging farmers throughout South Africa. We will
achieve this through the delivery
of quality products and training and
superior advisory and support services to Kalahari Kid Farmers.

The products are all natural, healthy and traceability is ensured from the registration of the farmers, tagging and monitoring of the animal from birth to the packaged product, ensuring outstanding quality and consistency.

Through efficient distribution channels, consistent quality of goat and lamb products are delivered to both the local and international markets.

The marketing encompasses the education of consumers with regard to the values of goat meat, especially the health aspects and nutrient content.

The Boer goat was developed in South Africa as a prime meat goat and is the optimum goat to
slaughter for the meat industry.

Our Product range includes:
Whole carcasses, Primals, 6 way cut, Value-added products, Secondary products.